Church Greek

Welcome to Church Greek. This is the second course in the sequence making up Greek for the Rest of Us. In this course you will learn enough Greek to:

  • understand reverse interlinears;
  • go deeper in your Greek word studies;
  • understand the flexibility of the Greek verb and noun system;
  • why translations are different;
  • start our exegetical method called "phrasing."
Lesson Completed
Introduction and Review

Let's start by reviewing what we learned in Foundational Greek. If this material is unknown, please go back to Foundational Greek and go through the lectures.

12. Pronouns No
11. Cases No
13. Modifiers No
14. Phrasing 101 No
15. Verbal Aspect

This most important distinction between time and aspect is central to the meaning of verbs in Greek. It is the hardest thing there is to learn in this class, so let's hit it head on and learn.

16. Verbs (Voice) No
17. Verbs (Tense) No
18. Verbs (Nonindicative) No
19. Participles No
20. Conjunctions No
21. Phrasing 102 No
Optional: Fun things to say

Fun little words and sayings to memorize and use in everyday life.

(I'll be adding in the audio for this page when I can carve out the time.)