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One of the basic rules in textual criticism is to choose the “more difficult” reading. Another way to say this is to ask what reading would most likely give rise to the other reading, and to prefer the former.

In John 7:8, Jesus’ brothers are taunting him, telling him he should go to Jerusalem for the festival of Tabernacles. Jesus responds, “You go up to the festival yourselves; I am...

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Videos to learn Basics of Biblical Greek

I taught for years at the university and graduate level. Students paid thousands of dollars to attend my classes, and now you too can attend the same lectures. There are 37 video lectures ranging between 20 and 35 minutes each, covering almost every paragraph in my textbook, Basics of Biblical Greek. There also are many other resources for learning biblical Greek.

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Videos to learn Greek for the Rest of Us

If you learn a little New Testament Greek, you will be able to go deeper in your Bible study and use better Bible study tools, including Greek word studies. But you don't have to go through the pain of fully learning the language. Learn more about my textbook Greek for the Rest of Us and the video series.

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