Basics of Biblical Greek Video Lectures

I taught for years at the university and graduate level, and my textbook, Basics of Biblical Greek, has become the standard text. Students paid thousands of dollars to attend my classes, and now you too can enjoy the same lectures. There are 37 lectures ranging between 20 and 35 minutes each, covering almost every paragraph in BBG.

Basics of Biblical Hebrew Video Lectures

You can now learn biblical Hebrew online! We have teamed up with Drs. Gary Pratico and Miles Van Pelt, authors of Basics of Biblical Hebrew, and has created an online Hebrew class that parallels their textbook. These materials were used for many years at a major seminary, and are now available for you at a greatly reduced cost.

First Year Greek with Bill Mounce

Have you ever wanted to learn biblical Greek but were afraid it was too hard? Have you wanted to learn the language of the New Testament but didn't want to study on your own? Now is the time to change all that. Bill Mounce, author of the best-selling Basics of Biblical Greek, is teaching first year Greek online starting August 30, 2016.

Foundational Greek Video Lectures

In these 9 hours of video lectures and screen casts (formerly, the Biblical Greek Primer), Dr. Mounce will teach you enough Greek so you can go deeper in your Bible Study, but without all the time and memory work required by traditional Greek learning approaches.

Fourth Semester Greek w/ Bill Mounce

You've taken your first year of Greek, so where do you turn next? The commentaries are still too hard to understand, grammars are intimidating, and you really want to be able to sit down and just read the Greek Testament. The role of our second year Greek is to solve these challenges.