Biblical Hebrew

Be sure to read the "Please read: Essentials" to the left before using this online class. It has information on fonts, course downloads (like overheads), and other important information.

The class can be taken at any pace, but it is designed for two semesters. So the final exam for the first half is after Chapter 17.

The first four classes as free. Access to the remaining lectures can be purchased from our store.

Class orientation

Welcome to Hebrew class

1. Hebrew Alphabet

Chapter one introduces the consonants of the Hebrew alphabet and gives special attention to particular groups of consonants. You must learn the name and pronunciation of each consonant. Learn the letters of the alphabet in sequence but also learn to identify each one, apart from its place in the alphabet.

2. The Hebrew Vowels

Chapter two introduces Hebrew vowels in the categories of pronunciation, name, vowel class, vowel type and transliteration. You must study each vowel in each of these categories. You must master the content of the vowel charts in 2.3-2.6.

3. Syllabification and Pronunciation

Chapter three is concerned with how consonants and vowels go together to produce syllables and words. One of the main objectives of this chapter is to teach you how to syllabify words so that you can pronounce them. This is an important chapter and one that will likely require some extra time and effort.

4. Hebrew Nouns

Chapter four presents a range of issues associated with the study of nouns in Hebrew. You will study nouns in the categories of gender and number and you will learn how to pluralize nouns. One of the most important sections in this chapter is 4.8, which studies the basic patterns of noun pluralization. This will take time.